Saturday, July 30, 2011

Discovery Play In Bridge Textbook

Playing a card combination with technique which not is elaborated detail in textbook represent one of the characteristic from a player of expert. With other word, the technique in fact have embraced theory base with other technique pursuant to obtained information from the way bidding and from way of opponent do defense to bridge game.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Percentage Change after Card Played 2

Calculation of percentage like previous article will change if cards have been played. Taking example and you of partner have 8 card sheets while holded card opponent only 5 cards. Hereinafter your first round play this suit and both each opponent join in. So, nowadays opportunity to get distribution 3-2 high because percentage division 5-0 has been eliminated.

Opportunity Mathematics for Declarer Play

At previous article have been studied percentage of coupled with play opportunity mathematics in case OR. And these articles we will study percentage of play in AND CaseWith same card distribution previous article, you made a success of bidding contract of grand slam 7, how much gratuity of your opportunity to fulfill contract this?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Card Play Technique Change of Percentage

At previous article, we have studied opportunity mathematical of play bridge which consist of two especial case that is case of OR and case of AND. Nowadays, we will learn concept change of percentage after card played. But as usual before continuing with new items, let us study problem by the end of previous article.

Opportunity Mathematics - Or Case

At last article we have studied percentage of division of holded card opponent. Nowadays we will join percentage of division of card with simple mathematics science so that deal which we play highest percentage value. But before us study these items; beforehand let us see problem previous article.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Determining Highest Possibility from Division Card

Percentage Play for Declarer 2
If you think that conceiving all possibility of division of card such as those which have been studied at previous article (Percentage Play for Declarer), done in desk contest of bridge of course will require very long time and of course drag on! You correctness! Way of which effective is with many exercising at home that is by compiling card in so many distribution combinations, trying to practice so that if card distribution combination emerges in contest of bridge, you swiftly can analyze truly.

Percentage Play for Declarer

Victory for the shake of victory in playing at Bridge is not represent to confront in luck (hoki), but good player have to use highest opportunity in fulfilling a contract ( declarer), biggest opportunity in aborting a contract ( defender), and also best opportunity in determining a final contract at the (time) of doing dicker with partner (bidding).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The mind of expert

Theory and technique is two term able to be defined separately but is inseparable. Book Text says that game of bridge cover: theory, technique, and logic. You can play a contract better and real correct if have mastered and implementation can be third of the mentioned.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Penalty Double and Score Rules

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
1. Penalty Double
In game of Mini Bride, couple owning highest point (above 20 point) will become declarer. While in game of bridge, declarer determined from process of bidding. As for bidding can be done by is fourth player which each other to win contract through auction process.   When both couple in concurrent to compete in fighting over a contract, sometimes contracts the opponent irrational likely again. What having to us does if this matter happened? If trying to pay attention hold hereunder :

Vulnerable Board in Bridge

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
In game of bridge, its cards to be played have been compiled natty in board. Try you pay attention direction of NS ruddle, while direction of TB white color or on the contrary. Ruddle the board designates the condition of danger condition or vulnerability. In game of bridge there are four kinds of condition of vulnerability :

Card Distribution Bridge Game Rules for Bidding

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
At previous article, have been studied about bases card game of bridge covering: 1). In game of bridge there are four type of bidding that is: Partscore, Game, Small Slam, and Grand Slam, 2). Owning 33 point by 3 Ace  both hand, can slam small bid, while for the bid grand slam required 35 point with four Ace.

Slam Contract

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
In game of mini bridge only recognizing contract game and not game (partscore). While in game of bridge also there are contract small slam and grand slam. If you bid small slam (bid 6) its meaning you have to collect 12 tricks, while grand slam (bid 7) you have to collect 13 tricks.

How to Score Bridge Card Game Rules

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
In game of mini bridge, sure you have comprehended that contract of / & NT yield score 30, / yield score 20, when playing at contract of NT will get addition 10, bonus of partscore 50 and bonus of game 300.

Distribution Card Point

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
At its article have been studied about learning bridge base, as for articles learn its summary bridge base like following: 1). Game of bridge consist of two part, that is: Bidding & Play, 2). Auction Bidding, 3). Opening bid with 12 HCP or more and have 4 cards suit, 4). Responder bid level one with 6 point and bid new suit at level two with 12 point or more, 5). Searching equality of suit ( fit), and determine bidding level (game or partscore).

Learn Bridge Card Game Bidding Systems

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
Way of offer in game of bridge done according to an agreement between partners, hereinafter referred to as system of bidding. At this article, we will use system of bidding “Natural 4 cards major". Where you earn to do opening bid with four cards, System of Bidding 4 cards of majors used many by European as in English and Dutch. This System referred Acol, because developed in Street of Acol in London.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bridge Game Bidding Forcing 1NT

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
How when openers open 1 and responder do not have 4 cards . If it does, responder can offer long suit, minimum by 5 cards. For offer at level 1, minimum responder has 6 point, while offer at level 2 by 12 HCP or more.

Bridge Bidding For Beginners

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
At previous article, have been exemplified modestly about offer in auction a painting, Where when Tom do offer equal to $ 500, of course he have money and can to pay for painting price such as those which he offer. Become, if you do offer 1, hence you sure and can to get 7 trick, with Spade suit as suit of trump. Thereby, if you have opened offer like 1, its meaning  you have enough HCP, minimum 12 HCP and long Spade suit, minimum 4 cards.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Auction Bidding Bridge Base

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
In bidding auction, you and partner will doing each other bidding to determine final contract. In this bidding, couple play at will try to show strength of card distribution and point as according to agreement (Bidding System). Despitefully, fight against to play also will make an attempt on offer of superordinate from which you or your partner bidding. The above is true process dicker done till reached a highest contract.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Learning Bridge For Beginners

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
This article aimed at for the men who have skilled play at mini bridge and wish to try bigger new challenge and also by playing at bridge. First matter which it is important to know that in game of bridge consist of two shares, that is: Bidding system and Play.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Opening Weak Two

What meant with opening of bid two weak?
Opening of weak two is bid with color bid at level two like: 2, 2, or 2 which indication 6 cards color which offering.  Opening better weak two not have 4 card other suit.

Bridge Bidding Systems

Play at bridge of online BBO usually use standard system/basic. As for this offer system is recognized with term of SAYC suggested to player of beginner, and Advanced or 2/1 (Two over One Game Force).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Learn to Play Bridge Online Free

 Game of bridge of online in Internet, nowadays have netted quite a lot devotee, more than anything else after Fred Gittelman one the player bridge of professional Canada which now play at for United States, to launching Bridge Base of Online. Site Bridge Base Online is medium to all devotee of bridge exist in whole world in channeling hobby play at bridge by online, and free of charge also.