Thursday, July 21, 2011

Learning Bridge For Beginners

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
This article aimed at for the men who have skilled play at mini bridge and wish to try bigger new challenge and also by playing at bridge. First matter which it is important to know that in game of bridge consist of two shares, that is: Bidding system and Play.
You what have know in game of mini bridge?
In game of mini bridge, of course you have comprehended how to become declarer, way of making trick, and way of searching additional trick so that contract can reach, etc. You also of course have learnt how to become a defender, conducting opener lead killing opponent contract, and how cooperating with partner to abort opponent contract.

At this article, will be studied about bidding system, In game of mini bridge of course you have recognized the way of simple offer, where player owning HCP more than 20 is player to become declarer and its his as habit or dummy conceived of side owner of contract.

Bidding in game of Bridge
Bidding in game of bridge differs with mini bridge. In game of bridge, to four player can become declarer although not have highest HCP. To determine owner contract or declarer, beforehand done bidding through auction (Auction Bidding). Player which dare to bargain highest, he/she to become declarer

Suit Rank
In bidding auction, it is important to know ranking of suit. Club suit occupy sequence most under, then of Diamond suit, Heart, Spade, and last is No Trump. See picture following :
Spade and of Heart being to Major suit, while Club and of Diamond being to Minor suit.
Low bargain is 1, then 1, then 1, 1, and hereinafter 1NT. If opponent beforehand bargain 1 and you wish to bid Club suit as card of trump, hence you have to bargain 2. Taking example opponent has 1, and you have suited of Spade good hence your bargain enough 1. Seeing picture hereunder

Arrow direction show offer doorstep. Lowest bidding is 1♣ and highest is 1NT. Bargaining 1♠ meaning you have to get least 7 tricks. Bargaining level 2 meaning have to collect 8 tricks, use formula 6 + n (n=bid number). When bargaining 1NT, hence having to collect 13 tricks without card of trump. NEXT

Next Article : Auction Bidding - Bridge Base

Translated From Magazine Bridge IndonesiaFrom Mini Bridge to Bridge, by. Ir. Iskandar, 8/06

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