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Precision Club Bidding System 1

Precision Club Bidding System
All visitors devoted of bridge card game, safe to find in article of bidding bridge of system. At this article, we will get wise to practice of bidding system precision. Considering so much variation and card combination hence article will be divided into some part. First shares will be elaborated some important sequence of opening 1 Club. And distribution of sequent bidding to be studied useful hopefully and can be used as discussion materials not merely to consumer of precision of system but also to consumer of system of bidding other so that can improve communications between partnerships.

Rebid Opener with Hold 2 Suit
First board present distribution 2 minor suits by 18 HCP. You sit in West as dealer and do opening bid 1 meaning to hold at least 16 HCP or strong suit distribution. Partner which sit east side give answer 1 meaning hold of weak point, at most 7 HCP. Is rebid hereinafter, if you hold card distribution like hereunder?

1.    West                     East
K9                      Q86
9                        8642
AK953               32
AKJ97              A1086

1                       1
2NT¹                   4
Note: 1): Hold card 2 minor, 16-18 Hcp.

In this sequent, on the market for rebid 2NT to indicate that West at least 5 clubs card and also 5 cards of diamond with limited point. With bidding 2NT the facilitate player of East to do invite bidding 4. Try you compare if West of rebid 2 after East of bid 1, of course will be difficult to East to do bidding again.

At second board like hereunder, West of opening bid 1, East give answer 1. Is rebid of West? If rebid 1, difficulty East will and possibly will pass. Try to compare if West of rebid 2 with the meaning holding at least 5 card of spade with 5 other card. Come on see bidding sequent following:

2.    West                         East
AK975                  108
AKJ97                 Q1086
K3                         Q84
5                           10862

1                           1
2¹                          2NT²
3³                          4
        1): 5 cards  with 5 other cards.
2): Ask second suit
3): 5 cards

Rebid jump at level two for the hold of card distribution 2 suits with 16-18 Hcp of response 1 over opening 1 strong Precision. Paying attention bidding sequent following:

1♣    -  1
2:    5 cards + 5 cards minor
2:    5 cards + 5 other cards
2NT: 5 cards + 5 cards

Be careful of with hold of card of balance, if not yet accustomed hence NT rebid often interpreted as hold of balance.

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Translate from Magazine Bridge Indonesia, Opening 1 Club, by: Parpar Priatna, 9/08

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