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Card Distribution Bridge Game Rules for Bidding

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
At previous article, have been studied about bases card game of bridge covering: 1). In game of bridge there are four type of bidding that is: Partscore, Game, Small Slam, and Grand Slam, 2). Owning 33 point by 3 Ace  both hand, can slam small bid, while for the bid grand slam required 35 point with four Ace.
But that way directive of point for the bid of slam flexible to enough base on card distribution. For example you sit in North with hold of card like following.

♥ 6

Partner which sit in South of bid opening 1, card what you require (hold of partner) so that can play grand slam? Yes, 3 Ace of partner. To do the mentioned, we have to beforehand get information hold of partner. Become us of response 1.Then rebid partner 2. To this end, information what else which we require from partner?

From the way offer, known that South have 12-17 HCP by 6 card of (because he repeat same bargain). Now we wish to know the amount of owned Ace it. For that we bid 4NT (asking Ace or of Blackwood). Rebid Partner 5 with the meaning he hold 0 or 3 Ace. Because partner has to minimize 12 point and so us sure when he have 3 Ace. Try to conceive when partner not hold Ace, meaning honors card of him is KQJ with KJ only amounting to 10 point. With this data’s hence us sure that sure partner have 3 Ace.

Thereby we have had information that partner at least there is 12 point by 6 cards of h and also 3 Ace. Nowadays its moment take decision. By 3 Ace cards we will only one in Club but when we earn to promote Heart suit of partner (6 cards) becoming card winner so we can eliminate loser in club suit. Hereinafter........... Don’t worry again for bid 7.

The way bidding will see as in under this:

                 North                South
                  1                     1
                  2                    4NT
                  5                    7

Let us see board following: Contact 7 by South. West open lead 5 and after cards of dummy put down above desk:
As way of you collect 13 tricks?
West of Lead 5, good opening lead, to contact of grand slam, passive lead is good idea (not do lead of honor card). Play 7, South only having one loser in Club suit. Plan game (theme) is to free long suit Heart. Thereby first trick win in desk with 9. Later; A cash, Heart ruff on-hand, go down to desk via A. Interesting trump which still remain then go down again to desk via 10. Fourth ruff Heart on-hand, Thereby card of Heart have become card of top , cards of heart which have top used for the discard of Club loser. Go down to desk A.

Distribution wholly is:

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Translated From Magazine Bridge IndonesiaFrom Mini Bridge to Bridge, by. Ir. Iskandar, 12/06
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