Monday, July 25, 2011

Learn Bridge Card Game Bidding Systems

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
Way of offer in game of bridge done according to an agreement between partners, hereinafter referred to as system of bidding. At this article, we will use system of bidding “Natural 4 cards major". Where you earn to do opening bid with four cards, System of Bidding 4 cards of majors used many by European as in English and Dutch. This System referred Acol, because developed in Street of Acol in London.

Meanwhile Americans prefer system of bidding 5 cards major or which more knowledgeable with American Standard. To do opener bargain 1 or 1, this system oblige you have 5 cards (this is why mentioning 5 card major). Then how otherwise have 5 cards major, what having to bid? Yes, bid 1 or 1 by 3 cards of diamond. System of American Standard used many top player bridge of world.

There is also recognized offer system by the name of Precision; this system is developed by Manager Ship of Taiwan. At year era seventy, this system has bridge team of China Taipei to final Bermuda Bowl. Systems of Precision continue to expand. Withdrawing from this system is opening bid 1 showing strong hold (16+ HCP) with distribution any.

In game of bridge there are various offer system type, when you look for in Internet, you'd find hundreds of even thousands of offer system from sophisticated bizarre till. Then which system which is best? Its answer of course will differ because most important matter in is not used system type but depended from logic think and way of taking decision. It’s the man behind the gun that’s matter.

As beginner in game of bridge hence you better use system bidding natural 4 major cards. Hereinafter you earn to chosen system which you take a fancy to if sense bidding have been formed. If you wish to have system book of bidding natural 4 major cards completely, you can contact writer in It’s free!

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