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Bridge Bidding For Beginners

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
At previous article, have been exemplified modestly about offer in auction a painting, Where when Tom do offer equal to $ 500, of course he have money and can to pay for painting price such as those which he offer. Become, if you do offer 1, hence you sure and can to get 7 trick, with Spade suit as suit of trump. Thereby, if you have opened offer like 1, its meaning  you have enough HCP, minimum 12 HCP and long Spade suit, minimum 4 cards.

Taking example you have hold of card as in under this, what you of bid?

a.       ♠ AKQ2     ♥ AK72    ♦ J109    ♣ 872

Bid 1, because you have 16 HCP and long heart colour (4 cards).

b.      KQ1097       4      AK10     6

Bid 1: 12 HCP and long Spade colour (5 cards).

c.       10        1085   J106    AKJ853

Pass, you have long Club suit, but not have point which last for bid.

d.      AK       J98654        A72     A3

Bid 1, although colour of heart crummy, but you have 15 HCP

Response to Opening Bid
If partner have done bid of opening, hence you only requiring 6 point to do bargain in response to opener bidding of partner. Its amount of this HCP you and partner will be used in determining final contract of game.

What such with response?
As responder, matter you which must do to look for compatible colour (fit). Because partner bargain by 4 card, hence you can support colour which partner bid if you hold 4 card or more colour which bid by partner. Boost up one higher level if you hold 6-9 point, bid till level 3 when holding 10-12 point.

Opener              Responder
1                         2      = 6-9 point with 4 cards or more
                            3      =10-12 point with 4 cards or more

Opener             Responder?
1                      J54

Bid 2, 6-9 point with 4 cards support Heart. Don’t pass, but boosting up one level, opener possible hold point more and strength, so that enable for the bid of game.

Opener           Responder?
1                    J843

Bid 2, don't not bid 2 (new suit) because there compatible suit (major fit), more special when holding limited point.

Opener          Responder?
1                     K43
      ♥ 5
      ♦ K9853
      ♣ J832

Bid 2, you have 7 point with Diamond support.

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Translated From Magazine Bridge Indonesia, From Mini Bridge to Bridge, by. Ir. Iskandar,8/06

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