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Bridge Game Bidding Forcing 1NT

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
How when openers open 1 and responder do not have 4 cards . If it does, responder can offer long suit, minimum by 5 cards. For offer at level 1, minimum responder has 6 point, while offer at level 2 by 12 HCP or more.

Opener                    Responder
   1                           1 = 6 point or more, with 5+ cards

Opener                    Responder
   1                           2 = 12 point or more, 5+ cards

Opener                    Responder?
   1                         62
                               ♥ AKJ7
                               ♦ 83
                               ♣ AJ1084
Bid 2, responder have 13 HCP and up to standard to bargain new suit at two level.

Opener                    Responder?
  1                         62
                              ♥ AKJ732
                              ♦ Q83
                              ♣ 84
Bid 1: by 6 point, responder can bargain new colour at level one.

Opener                     Responder?
   1                          62
                               ♥ KJ10732
                               ♦ 983
                               ♣ 84
Pass, because Responder does not have point last for bargaining.

When responder bargain new suit at level one, hereinafter will be referred to as forcing. Its meaning partner (Opener) have to continue bidding, that way further till reached  contract according to card distribution and point.  While when responder bargain new suit at level two referred to as forcing to game (FG), its meaning you with partner will not desist bidding before contract of game to be reached.

When response by NT?

When responder have point which last for doing bidding at level two but he not have support at suit which opener bid, and also not have long new suit (5 cards), hence responder can use answer 1NT.


Opener             Responder?
     1                  Q62
                         ♥ KJ2
                         ♦ 983
                        ♣ QJ84
Bid 1NT, because no 4 card of Diamond to support Opener suit, and no long new suit to bidding

Opener            Responder?
    1                  Q62
                        ♥ QJ72
                        ♦ K3
Bid 1NT, you have 7 point but not 4 cards Spade and no long new suit.

Opener              Responder?
      1                 2
                         ♥ K8742
                         ♦ KJ3
Bid 1NT; although you have 5 cards of Heart but not have enough point for the bid of level two.

Offer example in game of bridge:

Dealer: North
Vulnerable: None
Board no.1

West     North     East     South
Pass       1        Pass      2
Pass       Pass      //


North open offer 1 because he have 15 HCP and 4 card of Heart. South have 8 point as well as owning 4 cards at opener suit, hence responder then bid 2 meaning he support opener suit and agree to make Heart suit as card of ruff. While player which sit in the East and west, do not follow bid because not have enough point for bidding.

Board no.2

West     North      East        South
                          1            2
3           3         4            4
5           Pass     Pass          //


Dealer is East and open bid 1. South also have enough point, and good Heart suit so that he is bid 2 continue to try to buy contract until level four (4). But player west does not want to give contract in this deal to player of NS. So that he dare to bargain till level five (5), after bid 5, Couple NS cannot again do many, finally they allow contract 5 by West, and expect 5 contract this earn they abort.
Board no.3

West     North    East      South
1          Pass     3         Pass
4          Pass     Pass      //

West of opening bid 1 and when partner support till level three (3), he know that partner hold 10-12 point.  After he sum point which he have and partner point (15+10=25). Amount of the point have up to standard for the bid of game, because of that's he set mind on bid 4 (game in major suit).

Bidding in game of bridge done by auction, to four players can become declarer. Winner contract is player which dare to highest bid. Minimal 12 HCP for the opening bid and minimum response has 6 point. As responder, matter which must be done to find fit, new suit bid if there no support partner suit. Otherwise there support, and no new suit which can offer, responder can bid 1NT. New bid suit Responder is forcing.

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Translated From Magazine Bridge IndonesiaFrom Mini Bridge to Bridge, by. Ir. Iskandar, 8/06

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