Friday, August 12, 2011

Software To Learn Bridge

After following PON XV in Surabaya, office friends ask me to teach game of bridge. I cannot later and conveniently teach them. To add practice materials, my fads searching it in Internet. I look for to ACBL, and my friend, Fred Gitelman through e-mail. "Pucuk dicinta ulam pun tiba," so aphorism tell, I get software study of very good bridge that is Learn to Play Bridge (LTPB).

Software LTPB is result cooperate between American Contract Bridge League (ACBL), that is a bridge organization of Uncle Sam state, with Bridge Base Inc. head of Fred Gitelman, a company becoming leader in software development for the study of bridge. All devotee of bridge of course have recognized Bridge Master and of BBO representing two Bridge Base products Inc. very famous in the whole of world.

LTPB consist of two series. Lesson of first series to be discussed in this article is study software to new play at bridge (beginner). Way of playing at and conception about trick explained considerably modestly so that comprehensibility. And so it is with other concept like trump, obligation follow suit, about offer, constraint bargain of etc.

See, how LTPB explain about concept of Trick. When you playing at bridge, playing card to 1 trick by putting down card above desk like picture 1. Every player hold 13 card, and each player will play one card to each trick, become there is 13 trick in every game of bridge. Bridge literature express it as trick 1, trick 2,…, trick 13.

Excellence of program of computer this when compared to bridge schoolbooks is program which can present animation picture, so that player feel impressing look on game truthfully. Despitefully, this program also provided with text and voice which is very assist and also clarification concerning bridge term which still heard foreign to all beginner. Some LTPB screenshot, beside items above, LTPB also provided with practice problems and review and not left behind a number of 21 problems of Bridge Master.

Differ from bridge literature which generally early Lesson of bridge by offer, this program inverts the way of. Lesson of LTPB proceeded by card game concept, and if altogether have been comprehended, and then Lesson of offer introduced. Do not surprise when offer system the introduced American Standard by 5 cards major. Offer system in game of bridge studied simply and easy to comprehend. Its solution more majoring at seeking of fit 8 cards major and 3NT, than searching game in minor color, same thing with other system.

LTPB 1, Lesson play at bridge more majored at Elementary Concept Bridge, Declarer and of Bidding. Whereas concept stay only studied just a few is. Concept stay can study in LTPB 2. LTPB 1 and 2 have download by tens of people in the entire world. You also can this free software download in  Its way: Select menu of Free Lesson Software, then data input and your e-mail address for correspondence with ACBL.

LTPB give guarantee, that after you finish Lesson of bridge with this program, you’d become above average player ably. An expectation which high enough and you have to prove, Congratulation play at and successful greeting!

Translated from Magazine Bridge Indonesia, by Syahrial Ali