Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blue Chip Mini Bridge

Bridge game card can improve ability adolescent children, especially in the case of domination of emotion, tolerance, way of communicating with partner in cooperating, and also many other positive. Besides there also management element in game of bridge, there data collecting, data analysis and also the way of taking precise decision and must be done in limited life limit. Positive all the things this, will very useful when adolescent children pass school and plunge to society.

Despitefully, adolescent children which often play at bridge will out of danger its drugs, adolescent fight and things of negative other because engrossing in playing at Mini Bridge. Game of Minibridge is easy card game to be studied, and have drawn
enthusiasm many adolescent children. Problem forwards when all devotee of Minibridge will change over to bridge. Proper confessed that lacking of instructor teacher challenge which must anticipate early possible. To teach difficult minibridge is not, this matter of course will add the amount of player of minibridge to change over to bridge, what of course will be pursued for want of learn instructor of bridge.

But with progress of technology especially world of internet, possible the problems of this earn minimization. One of software of bridge able to be used to learn this Minibridge, also can be exploited by player of minibridge to change over to bridge by simple and easy. Blue Chip is Lesson early about way of playing at minibridge, you earn to fiddle around with various minibridge level, practicing on ability play card (play declarer) which have been studied. In this software, you also will get various basic knowledge and technique of way of playing at bridge.

Minibridges represents card game played by 4 people, each contesting to other player couple (North + South and East + West). In Blue Chip Minibridge, You play at as South and of computer play at as player of the other. One of the couple will act as declarer; will be out for win a number of tricks. While referred by other couple of defender, friend to try to prevent Declarer in obtaining trick. In this case, Mini bridge Identical with game of bridge, but way of game differ, because in game of mini bridge do not use offer system. Orders in minibridge are not complicated, and if You enough familiar with card game concept like trump suit etc, eat you earn direct fiddle around with this program.

Blue Chip Minibridge is free program able to in download (format zip) in In this application program, besides comprising Lesson of minibridge, you also can play at to fight against computer. This Software also represent appliance which good to recognizing and learn to play at bridge

Translated from Magazine Bridge of Indonesia

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