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World Junior Bridge Camp

World Junior Bridge Camp
One of the programs of PB GABSI is to more be introducing of bridge of game to the rising generation more special among school. Why among school? Bridges of game recognized also as intelligence sport claim and also train intelligentsia, sportivitas, and high dedication. By playing at bridge, one can train and develop to bounce in overcoming each problem. Therefore, as French state which have introduced game of bridge in elementary school, hence PB GABSI have also and [is] trying to introduce game of bridge to school, start from SMA, SMP, and SD through pilot project  laboring is equal to Department Education of National.

Organization Bridge World (WBF) also try to huddle up the rising generation circle or junior person and try to give image which do well by game of bridge to youngster circle. One of the programs of WBF is World Junior Bridge Camp. Initially, bridge camp blazed the way by Europe Bridge League since last 30 year, and is then adopted by WBF since year 1995, and recognized with World Bridge Junior Camp.

Bridge of Camp represent medium of WBF to tighten brotherhood among the rising generation owning is same hobby that is playing at bridge. Of course bridge of camp is also expected can bear players of reliable bridge and have achievement to in world storey. In game carried out by bridge of camp, all participants is not even given by Lesson by experienced bridge teachers but them also get opportunity to interact to through contest of bridge and or through other activity.

Do not only playing at bridge, young children of interaction can be deeper a week long one environment through game of athletics, activity of worthwhile other activity and outdoor. In bridge of camp, the player from various states labored to interact, to meet, fraternizing and contesting positively. That thing is enabled caused by especial regulation of bridge of camp is that each player of bridge do not be enabled by couple with player coming from one state. Besides, no a player or couple may with is same player more than once. Its target is so that each participant will be out for having interaction, meet and make friends with participant of other state.

Writer has followed bridge of camp in the year 1995 in Belgian. Various valuable experiences, writer gets there. Game of bridge made to become more interesting and do not drag on. There are some unique experiences which are writer get during following bridge of camp, among others is:

Be'er bonus for the D-7 of
Its Meaning, if a declarer play a last card and contract the winning is D-7, and also the contract can be finished hence opponent couple is obliged to buy beer.

Speed ball tournament
In this tournament, every player will play brief board during. If generally every board played during 7 minute (to do bid and play) hence in this tournament, only given by time 2-3 just minute.

Crazy tournament
In this tournament, played board has to as according to guide staying in the board. This guide is opened by     before bidding done. Guide example of in crazy tournament:

Bidding by 9 card
Every player has to shake card, then take 4 card to from every last hand is it input return into board.          Hereinafter bidding done 9 cards, after bidding finished, every taking again 4 mentioned kept cards, and game started.

Once bidding
Every player shall only do once bidding.

Club  two = joker
Card of C-2 is joker and every moment can win wanted trick.

Youth Awards
Not left behind also is biggest present of junior event of this camp, that is opportunity to follow junior person of camp next free of charge, if name of us selected by other participant as most popular participant. Single the way of to get this appreciation is to associate with humanity participant of bridge of camp it is of course.

Till in this time, bridge of camp has giving many benefit, therefore hence American Club Bridge of League (ACBL) have applied in America continent. Junior ACBL of bridge camp first carried out by in Marco Island, Florida in the year 1996. Then continued each 2 year, among World Junior Bridge Camp. For the information of bulletin, please visit

Photo : World Bridge
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