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Entry and communication

Entry and communication
Difference between self-explanatory communications and entry. Entry can in colour any kind of, while communications only at one of the certain colour. To and also declarer of defender, taking care of communications and entry represent important matter. Paying attention example of hereunder:

                                ♠ QJ107
                                ♥ KQ1052
                                ♦ Q72
                                ♣ K6                      
                             West                                           East
                            ♠ K852                                        964
                            ♥ 96                                             A732
                            ♦ 5                                                 K83
                           ♣ J109853                                  A42
                                ♠ A3
                                ♦ AJ1094
                                ♣ A7

Contract 6 and West of lead J. Without thinking many, declarer play K in dummy then play trump and also play Q for the finesse of K in the East. Hereinafter J lead declarer of hand toward heart in dummy. In this time West gives distribution signal by playing at 9 (doubleton). Knowing that its hold two card of heart, hence East delay twice and let declarer take two heart trick. Thereby declarer feels useless to free suit heart then change over to spade suit to try K finesse with Q which actually fail. Per forced declarer has to deliver one diamond trick again to East. Contract 6 one down.

Mistake of declarer because do not reckon the problem of entry. Ought to first trick won with A on-hand. Then small heart lead toward K in dummy, if small East, hence trick hereinafter is playing Q for the finesse of K. On the contrary if East wins with A, hence any of cards to be played by East contract 6 have peaceful and declarer still can to dummy for the finesse of K.

West                                            East
9654                                         108
K82                                           A75
75                                               K10963
8543                                         QJ10

                  West                      North                     East                       South
                  Pass                      1                           2                           3NT

West of Lead 7 and declarer play 4 in dummy. If only at this first trick of East play K hence declarer will succeed to fulfill contract 3NT. If only that way hence after winning with K, East return to play diamond again won by declarer with Q, and hereinafter play suit heart. With two honors top of separate heart on-hand fight against hence East will fail to play suit diamond which have free because West do not have diamond again.

So, to take care of communications at diamond suit hence at first trick of East have to play 10 and let declarer win. Wait after heart lead declarer of hand; West have to play K then again play at 5. With A which there is still in the East hence adversary will be more ahead collect five tricks to abort contract 3NT.

Sometime to take care of communications, defenders have to sacrifice its card of him.

West                                             East
109754                                      KJ
8542                                          973
63                                                A108
64                                              A753

Contract 3NT from South, West of lead fourth best 5, dummy 3, and without caring do West hold Q or  not, East have to play J is not K. With consideration is with East hold 12 point, impossible there is entry to West, at the time of suit spade have is free. Therefore to take care of communications in colour of spade, hence at first trick of East have to play J and let declarer win with Q. Hereinafter, when East get innings of lead, possible moment win with or A of A, hence East have to again sacrifice K and force A in dummy win. Thereby, East still leave over one card of spade to be returned to East at the time of winning with or A of A.

West                                              East
1094                                           K8762
A82                                            9543
K85                                              94
J643                                          K10

At example of following, contract 3NT by South. Without information in bidding, West do opening lead 10. In this case, East does not realize if he does not have entry and have to cope to take care of communications in colour of spade. Its way is at the time of declarer play J of dummy, East doesn’t in a hurry to play K, but play at 8 as signal support. After winning first trick, declarer of course will try diamond finesse won by West with K, then West of lead 9 to force A in dummy. Thereby suit spade on-hand East has is free. Meanwhile West still holds A and also card sheet of spade which later will be sent easterly, so that any is effort declarer, contract 3NT cannot be helped again because adversary will be more first collect 5 tricks.

West                                             East
K8542                                       QJ103
843                                            82
10                                                Q95
J874                                         AQ103

Card distributions above, played by South in bond 4, and West of lead 4♠, East play 10. What must be done by declarer? There are three things which must be careful by declarer that is card combination like following:
  1. 1.     Control in colour of trump, to take care of attack in colour of spade when declarer will free colour of diamond
  2. Dangerous hand, to take care of K hence do not ever give opportunity to sat player in West to get opportunity do lead
  3. Taking care of communications in colour of diamond.

Taking example at first trick, declarer win with A, then play thrice trump suit, and continued by playing A, K, last of small diamond exit which won by East. Hereinafter East play J and continued with Q taken over by West with K, what then again play club of suit to nip K in dummy. Contract 3NT ending two down because success defender collect two spade trick, Q, A, andQ.

Leaving over card sheet of trump in dummy also not such a real correct solution. When East wins with Q, he will again play Q to force desk of truff. Meanwhile, West still hold sheet of trump able to get trick when declarer play suit diamond which have is free. Therefore, at first trick declarer have to let 10 in the East winning. If East goes on to with spade hence can truff in dummy. After playing all card of truff opponent. Lead J by Declarer of hand toward small diamond in dummy. Give this trick at East. Hereinafter return of card any kind of eastward have do not have problem again because declarer still hold A.

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Translate from Magazine Bridge Indonesia, Taking Care Entry and Communications, by: Amin Ramali, 12/06 

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