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Discovery Play In Bridge Textbook

Playing a card combination with technique which not is elaborated detail in textbook represent one of the characteristic from a player of expert. With other word, the technique in fact have embraced theory base with other technique pursuant to obtained information from the way bidding and from way of opponent do defense to bridge game.

At contest of bridge some times ago, emerge distribution like following:

North           South
975            AQ108643
K4             102
Q974          A53
KQJ4          3

           West    North     East   South
           2          Dbl.     Pass    4
           Pass       Pass*   Pass

* In some other desk, north player bid 3 (raise limit or better) with final contract 4.

West of lead opening of A, then change over with Jack diamond, Q dummy, East of K, and declarer win with A. Hereinafter declarer play A (!!!) and in the reality singleton K in West follow to be dragged. Finally contract 4 down one because declarer fail 2 suit diamond trick, heart one trick , and fail one Club trick of suit. Distribution wholly is:

In playing deal above, player of expert will play small diamond two hands to Jack diamond of West. Hereinafter when East play diamond again, dummy 9, West 10, and declarer win with A. By playing at like this, is not a problem if West holds Diamond Jack and 10. Technique play small diamond from both the hand above, in fact simple elementary theory that is technique decide communications between side of defender and take care of if West hold two card of diamond or of dJ10. 
At other contest of card distribution hereunder reached contract of game 4s, following its distribution:

               West   North    East   South
               Dbl       2¹      3        4
               Pass     Pass     Pass
               1). 7 – 10 HCP, Spade support

Seen card distribution completely above, of course easily you to fulfill contract 4s. In practice, some declarers fail to fulfill contract because failing 2 spade trick and also Ace and heart of Ace Club. Way of best to fulfill contract 4s is immediately play King Spade after winning with Ace diamond.

Of continuation of diamond in ruff, then play club 10 (better than play King), last continued with Club of King. After winning with club of Ace, West will play diamond again, diamond ruff, last play Heart up at King then play club which have won. If East of discard heart, keep heart on-hand. When east of ruff, you ruff over, last play last ruff. Thereby you are only failing one trick again in suit heart.

But taking example east of discard twice heart, hence pursuant to information of double of West and cards which have been played, almost ascertained West distribution is 1-4-3-5, so that you have to Jack spade finesse in the East. Way of playing at above referred Discovery Play in textbook, that is searching information about hold of card fight against other suit to determine the way of playing suit having problem (in this example is spade suit).

Translate from Megazine Bridge Indonesia, Technique and Emotion by: FR Waluyan, 3/07

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