Sunday, August 07, 2011

How to Play of Bridge Online on BBO

Playing at bridge represent a game claiming a player to go into effect wise and also can develop analysis. Athletic despite fully this has the character of entertainment amusement and as place discuses easy going at the same time discharge everyday work load. When we play at bridge, sure have felt something different matter with other athletics. Often dissolve us in enjoyment of game, complacence, happy, smile even not rarely laugh happily. But often also we feel matter which on the contrary is disappointed, angry, sorrowful, even abundantemotion. Artistic the above is true in card game of bridge.

Various emotional form emerging in game of bridge do not only applying to game of bridge in the world of reality where both player is meeting each other, but this matter also often happened in game of bridge of online through Internet. Yes, that's game of bridge which full of problems and claim all player to go into effect wisely. And at this opportunity, as according to article title, I will try to give a few pictures about how to play at bridge in Bridge Base Online more special to all beginners which not yet comprehended how to enlist and also play at BBO.

1. To be able to access Bridge Base of Online, please visit website    hereinafter you'd see like hereunder.

2. Step hereinafter, please click “Play Bridge Now", then you'd see new window like following:

3. If you have enlisted as members, please fill in the nick name at user name column and password at password column then click “Log in. But, if you not yet owned nick name, you is obliged to enlist. For its registration are you please click “A member Become (free!)”. Hereinafter will be open of pop up for registration like following:

4. At this phase, you are data input please like User name, Password, Confirm password, Real name, Country, Skill level, and Other. For the User of name, Password, and Confirm password is obliged to fill, while the other up to you. After finishing data input, please click “Log in”. If succeeding hence you'd see appearance like hereunder:

5. So, at this appearance you'd see some choice like Play or Watch Bridge, My BBO, Featured Areas, and BBO Today. To start to play at bridge of online, please click “Help me find game ", then you'd be brought to page following like hereunder:

6. To start game please clicks "Take me to the first seat available”, hereinafter you'd be brought to next page like hereunder:

7. Welcome in game of base bridge online, and safe to contest.

The above is true a few/little about way of enlisting and way of playing at base bridge of online in BBO, useful hopefully. Let's Play Bridge Now!

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