Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Learn to Play Bridge Online Free

 Game of bridge of online in Internet, nowadays have netted quite a lot devotee, more than anything else after Fred Gittelman one the player bridge of professional Canada which now play at for United States, to launching Bridge Base of Online. Site Bridge Base Online is medium to all devotee of bridge exist in whole world in channeling hobby play at bridge by online, and free of charge also.

Diamond Suit- Bridge Card Game
Site Base Bridge of Online can be accessed in during very brief have earned to draw enthusiasm devotee of bridge in the whole of world. Besides free of charge, these sites also manage better, and also have orders which enough tighten.

Besides, this site also often broadcast certifiable contests of whole world directly. Indonesia has several times exploited this site to broadcast contest of bridge in Indonesia directly. PON 2004th in Palembang, Kejurnas Bridge 2005th in Manado, and Governor Bank of Indonesia Cup 2005th, have been broadcasted direct and get attention which hilarious enough.

Problem becoming constraint in broadcasting is direct contest of carried out bridge in Indonesia difference of time. Devotees of bridge in American have time to complain because have to spend the night to look on game of Indonesian direct broadcasted bridge. But that way, difference of time, also assign value plus, because thereby this site have never silent the than devotee of bridge, If other hemisphere sleeping, other hemisphere to exploit this site to play at bridge of online

Play Bridge Online Game of BBO
Way of to follow in game of BBO is not difficult. Devotee of bridge, enough software download which have been provided, comprehending standard system, can communicate Language of England sufficiently for “chatting", you have direct play at. Way of enlisting: Data profile content which have been provided, especially about system summary to be used and chosen class (level) to be played. Abbreviation BBO of Base Bridge of Online, grouping player level in a few classes (category), that is: Novice, Beginner intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and World Class.

Some enjoyment of which can felt in playing at bridge of online for example: can be done at home, at the same time enjoy hot coffee glass and bread burn, can smoke as satisfied as to which be fond of smoke, and can be played every time and wherever so long as there  computer/Laptop and also Internet access. To which not yet owned or computer of laptop, can play at "Warnet" which now spread around everywhere, or "nyolong-nyolong" in office, whilst “Boss" there no in office.

Some Indonesian player which have got star because have deputized its State in following Championship of World, with name nick for example like : Hiero (Henky Lasut), Pangi (Robert Tobing), Ace_Bee (Toufik Asbi), Bert_Polii (Bert Toar Polii), Jesa ( Sanje Panalewen), Gocky (Supeno), and Natasya (Lany Liem). Besides name of above, still there also many player of other bridge which often play at bridge of online spread over in all Indonesia

Translation of Magazine Bridge Indonesia, Let's Play Bridge on Internet,by Bert Polii, 8/26

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