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Opening Weak Two

What meant with opening of bid two weak?
Opening of weak two is bid with color bid at level two like: 2, 2, or 2 which indication 6 cards color which offering.  Opening better weak two not have 4 card other suit.
How much point required doing opening of weak two bids ?
Expert partly bridge, suggesting opening of weak two bid do by 7-10 point, but other also enable with smaller point that is 5-10 point. Wish to use which? Up to you, important your partners also use same agreement. In this article, suggest using range 5-11 point, thereby you a more regular can do opening of weak two bids. But talking a care to condition of board of vulnerable

Why do opening of weak two bid ?
Opening of weak two bids is offer having the character of is semi pre-emptive, with aim to for the block of opponent communications. Opening of weak two will force opponent to do difficult offer because it cannot again bargain normal level but have to do it at a peg higher.

Example opening of weak two:
952    8    AK9742   Q65
Card distribution above owning 9 point, 6 cards   by 2 honor top. Idea which good to doing opening of weak two 2 : 
J104   AQJ9852    84   65
Bid 2 shown 6 cards  with 5-11 point.
 KQ8765   987    5   954
At this distribution, you is only owning 5 point, but owning color of spade good, and very good to doing opening of weak two 2.

But do not ever do opening of bid two weak with card distribution as in under this:
Q98745   A54    5    A73
It is true correctness, you have 10 point, but color of spade crummy, and besides you have trick defensive at other color

Can do offer of two weak 2♣ ?

Opening 2 used to do offer of opener showing hold of strength by 21 point or more. Become there no opening of bid two weak for the ♣ suit.

Answer to opening of two weak:
There are some choice, among others is:
Boosting up (support) at color which bid by partner = to play, its meaning only wishing to improve the nature of opener pre-emptive and or hope contract earn fulfilled.

What Your answer after partner do opening of weak two with day-dream like following:

1. Weak two Partner 2, what you’re answer with hold following :
K1094   K753    10742    AK
Response: Bidding 4H, You not at all intend in funly game but only wishing to hinder offer of opponent. With assumption that opponent of fit in color of Spade and possibility of big them; they have game point. Bidding 4H aim to complicate offer of opponent

2. Partner opening bid weak two 2♠ , what do you answer with hold the following ?
AK    K106    74    AK6542
Response: Bidding 4, Bid 4 showing support at color of partner and have enough point for the bid of game.

3. Partner opening 2, what your response with hold the following ?
6    AK1084     K743     Q84
Response: Bidding Pass. Don’t try profit with bid 3, your not sure partner hold support at color of Heart. Better play at 2, although only by 6-1 spade fit than searching for dicey something that.

A. Each offer of new color is forcing natural, by 5 cards or more, and also has good point, 15 point or more

1. Follow the example of hold of card distribution of responder:
AQJ104    K106     K54     AQ
Do bidding you to offer when two weak opening partner 2♦ ?

Response: Bid 2, to look for fit 4-4 in color of Spade, before you act farther. This bargain has the character of forcing

2. Follow the example of hold of card distribution of responder:
AJ1075    10     KJ9     A532
Do bidding you to offer when two weak opening partner 2♥ ?

Response : Pass, because not has enough point to bargain having the character of forcing.

2NT after bid two weak is bid asking (Convention Ougust). This Convention used to ask hold of partner. Openers have to explain hold of his card clearly and detail with rebid like following:

Ougust over weak two in major:
Opener       Responder
 2/              2NT = Asking bid
 3 = minimum point with bad suit
 3 = minimum point with good suit
 3 = maximum point with bad suit
 3S = maximum point with good suit

Hold of card able to be categorized nicely that is when color as trump not fails more than one trick bargained,
           Opener   Responder
              2            2NT
              3            ???
Hold of card of Responder:
AQ104    85     KJ9     A754 
Bid 3, because minimum rebid opener of point (5-7). With assumption that hold of responder (14 point), this hold is not last for reaching contract of game.
          Opener      Responder
             2♠                 2NT
                3♠                 ???

Hold of card of Responder:
A10    K832     KJ9     A754
Bid 4, because information given by opener with 9-10 point and have  good suit Spade. 

Useful hopefully

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Translated from Magazine Bridge Indonesia, by Ir. Iskandar

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