Friday, July 20, 2012

The rule of MiniBridge

The rule of MiniBridge


MiniBridge is a card game for four players. They sit round a square table and their positions are called North, East, South, and West. The North and South players are partners and the East and West players are partners. 


MiniBridge use a pack of 52 cards excluding jokers. Dealer shuffles and deals the cards one by one in a clockwise direction. Each player has 13 cards and counts their high card points.

High Card Points

                Ace = 4, King = 3, Queen = 2, Jack = 1


Dealer announces his number of high card points, clockwise followed by the other players. The pair of players who announce the higher total number of points become the declaring side. If both sides have 20, deal again. The declarer than his partner, if equal the one who announced first is the declarer. Partner of declarer becomes dummy, and spreads his cards faced up on table. Declarer announces the contract – either game or part score, and the denomination of play either a trump suit or notrump.
·         In part score, dealer must win at least 7 tricks.
·         In a notrump game, declarer must win at least 9 tricks.
·         In game with hearts or spades as trump, declarer must win at least 10 tricks.
·         In game with clubs or diamonds as trump, declarer must win at least 11 tricks.


Declarer decides which cards are played from the dummy hand and the dummy hand is visible to all players throughout the play of the deal. The player to the left of the declarer starts by playing the first card (the opening lead). The player leading to a trick may play and card. Each other player in turn clockwise plays a card; the four cards so played constitute a trick. In playing to a trick, each player must follow suit if possible. The trick is won by the highest trump if there is one; otherwise by the highest cards of the suit led. The players that wins the trick leads to the next one. After all the cards have been played, the players agree how many tricks were won by each side.


If declarer wins the number of tricks required to make the contract, the declaring side earns:
·         Notrump contracts: 40 for the first scoring trick, 30 for each subsequent trick.
Spade or Heart contracts: 30 for each scoring trick.
Diamond or Club contracts: 20 for each scoring trick.

The first six tricks won do not count towards the scoere.
The seventh trick is the first scoring trick.

·         50 points for part score.
·         300 points for game contract.

If declarer does not win the number of tricks required to make the contract, the declaring side is awarded no score and the defending side earns 50 points for every under trick.

·         A part score contract in notrump, 8 tricks are made:
Score 70 for the scoring trick
Plus part score bonus of 50 = 120
             A game contract in spades, 11 tricks are made:
Score 150 for the scoring trick in spades
Plus game bonus of 300 = 450
·         A game contract in hearts makes 8 tricks. The defenders get 100 point