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Auction Bidding Bridge Base

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
In bidding auction, you and partner will doing each other bidding to determine final contract. In this bidding, couple play at will try to show strength of card distribution and point as according to agreement (Bidding System). Despitefully, fight against to play also will make an attempt on offer of superordinate from which you or your partner bidding. The above is true process dicker done till reached a highest contract.

Final contract or highest contract hereinafter will be played by player doing highest bidding, which then conceived of declarer. Declarer player which then will go after a number of tricks according to last quote.

Auction Bidding
Such as those which you see picture above, to four players have opportunity to become declarer through bidding process or auction. Randy who sits North side bargains 1, while Tom residing in East also does bidding 2. Because suit of Diamond lower of suit of Heart, hence Tom bargain suit of Diamond at level two. Meanwhile, Yanti which sit in South in the reality have enough point, and support suit which offering by Randy (Partner). Therefore, Yanti then bid 2. While King which sit in West, not have point which last for following to bargain so that he is pass. The above is true process bidding take place. If nothing like player able to overbid, hence thereby auction even also assumed to finish.

Example Auction Bidding
Try to pay attention example auction painting like following :
Randi start to open offer with number $100, but when King bargain at the price of $200, Randy boost up again its bargain become $300. At that moment, in the reality Tom has mint of money so that he dares to do bidding of superordinate. Tom bargain this painting at the price of $500, and nothing like able to bargain this painting higher the than raised price is Tom. Thereby these paintings even also become property of Tom.

That way also with offer in game of bridge, you earn to bargain 1 and when there player of opponent overbidding, for example 2, you earn to do counteroffer by boosting up bargain with bid 2. When nothing like player doing bidding of super ordinate from 2, hence bidding assumed to finish and contract 2 is final contract.

See offer example like following :
West      North     East      South
               1        2          2
Pass        2        Pass       Pass

Like offer example above, highest bidding 2. Player which sits in North side is player winning contract and then he is referred as declarer. Declarer have obligation to get a number of tricks so that can fulfill contract as according to final offer. As for he have to get 8 trick or more with suit of Heart as card of trump.

West       North       East       South
                1          2           2
2            Pass       Pass         3
Pass         Pass        //

At bidding example above, highest bidding is 3, North win contract and become as declarer. He has to fulfill it him with searching 9 tricks or more. This offer which bid 3 is South but why becoming declarer player of North? It is true correctness, and the above is true game of bridge! First player offer a suit, then the suit which agreed as final contract, hence the player to become as declarer. In example above, South only supporting suit which on the bidding by it’s his (North).

West       North       East        South
                 1         2           2
Pass          4         Pass       Pass

At this offer example, highest bidding is 4. Player of North obliged to look for 10 tricks to fulfill contract. Why North of bid higher again? While opponent not follow to bargain? Yes, correctness! Bid 4 is offer of fortunate game of suit, and player of North have an eye to get higher level score so that he game bid 4. Same as game in mini bridge, player of bid level game if he and it’s his have the amount of point which last for doing bidding of game.

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Translated From Magazine Bridge IndonesiaFrom Mini Bridge to Bridge, by. Ir. Iskandar, 8/06

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