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Distribution Card Point

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
At its article have been studied about learning bridge base, as for articles learn its summary bridge base like following: 1). Game of bridge consist of two part, that is: Bidding & Play, 2). Auction Bidding, 3). Opening bid with 12 HCP or more and have 4 cards suit, 4). Responder bid level one with 6 point and bid new suit at level two with 12 point or more, 5). Searching equality of suit ( fit), and determine bidding level (game or partscore).
At article learn bridge base of part 2 this, will study about some Bridge order, especially in calculation of score. But previously let us meet first by what referred with Distributional Card Point. So also with card of King, this neither card nor will can always make trick. Taking example you play at 3 and have heart singleton, moment of A played you follow because owning sheet of heart. But when opponent play King Heart at next opportunity, you can win trick by playing card of trump.

From example above, can be concluded that short suit like doubleton, singleton, or void can lessen possibility of card honor opponent to make trick. Therefore, a player of good bridge has to calculate distribution card point besides counting owned HCP. Hereinafter distribution card point referred DCP, DCP calculated after there compatible suit (fit in suit).

Formula of DCP :

DCP = Total Trump – Short Suit

              North               South?
               1                   A1098
                    ♥ 8
                    ♦ K987
                    ♣ J1032

Try to pay attention hold of card above, in this hold you have support opener suit and have 8 HCP. Usually you'd bi 2 meaning you support partner suit and promise 6-9 HCP. But besides owning 8 HCP, you also have DCP that is 4 - 1 = 3. Number 4 is the amount of support card of trump number and one is short suit. Thereby if 8 HCP added with DCP (8+3=11) hence totalizing point which you have 11 point. Become with hold of card as in to the, you ought to bid 3 to indicate that you hold 10-12 point. This formula can only be used if you support partner suit (fit), become if there is no suit agreed as trump hence formula not applicable, and not applicable if first you times offer suit which then agreed as trump.

You               You            Partner                
A853            1               2
AKJ10          ???

Paying attention example hold of card above, you have 14 HCP but not have DPC. Oh... no, I have club singleton! Yes, because this bidding, you are first player of times offer heart suit and not supporting partner suit. Become in bidding above, your answer is pass.

You               You            Partner                     
A853            1               1
AKJ10         ???

At example hold of card above, you have 14 HCP + 3 DCP. Thereby have to rebid 3 showing 17-18 point. This example DCP counted because you supporting suit which partner. Become formula of DPC go into effect.

                You                        You
               ♠ A853                     ???
               ♥ AKJ10
               ♦ Q1032

Basically with hold 11 HCP you cannot bid opening. But besides 11 HCP, you have possibility 2 DPC. Thereby totalize is 13 point, and you can bid opening 1with hold as in to the.

              You                         You
              ♠ Q                         ???
              ♥ K85
              ♦ KJ32
              ♣ K9872

At example above, you have 12 HCP but hold of card like this not have sure trick, and also short suit (Q) which of no use, become you better not do opener bid but you must pass bid.

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Translated From Magazine Bridge IndonesiaFrom Mini Bridge to Bridge, by. Ir. Iskandar, 10/06

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