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How to Score Bridge Card Game Rules

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
In game of mini bridge, sure you have comprehended that contract of / & NT yield score 30, / yield score 20, when playing at contract of NT will get addition 10, bonus of partscore 50 and bonus of game 300.

Taking example N-S plays at 1 and get 10 tricks so its score is:
1 + 3 : (1 x 30)               =   30
Bonus Partscore                =   50
Up 3       : 3 x 30              =   90+
1 + 3                             = 170

Taking example N-S play at 4 and get 10 tricks and so its score is.

4 + 0 : (4 x 30)   = 120
Bonus game         = 300+                  
4 + 0                = 420

In game of mini bridge, only contract of partscore (not game) like 1 and contract of game like (4). While in game of bridge, contract partscore not always have to 1, but can 2, 3 or the other. If bargain of declarer not reach number 100 hence the contract cannot be categorized as contract of game, example:

3 + 1 : (3 x 30)                  =  90
Bonus Partscore                   =  50
Up 1 ( 1 x 30 )                     =  30+
1 + 3                                =170
See bargain 3 valuable 90 (not yet until number 100), becoming only getting bonus of partscore equal to 50 point.

3NT + 1 (3x30+10)       = 100
Bonus game                 = 300
Up 1 (1 x 30)               =   30+
3NT + 1                      = 430

Bargain 3NT have valuable 100, thereby get bonus of game.
In mini bridge, known that contract 1 a success collect 10 trick get score 170, while contract 4 a success collect 10 trick obtain score 420. At this example, though both success contracts collect 10 trick but differing contract so that score of each contract also differ. Become when we can get 10 tricks hence doing bid until game level so that obtain larger ones score (bonus game). Meanwhile, if contract 1 obtaining 9 of tricks its score 140, and contract 4 obtaining 9 tricks mean one down. Thereby opponent to obtain score 50, so when you cannot collect 10 tricks hence don't bid until game level.

In game of mini bridge, known that amount of HCP dummy with declarer which has reached 25 point can game bid. This strategy even also admits of to be applied in game of bridge. Way of summing HCP dummy with declarer at game of bridge do not as easy as like mini bridge but have to use order of bid which have beforehand agreed.

Opener                   Opener        Responder
AKJ102                  1                 2
KQ43                    ???

You are as opener do opening bid 1 and partner then response 2. With hold of card like example of above, what is you are of bid, pass, playing at partscore, or bid till contract game? To answer this question, first matter which must be done is to count point at is second hand. You hold 19 HCP, while partner promise 6-9 HCP. If your point with partner summed hence its result around 25-28 point, Thereby the amount of the point have up to standard for bid until game level (4). Becoming rebid hereinafter you have to bid 4.


Opener                  Opener        Responder
K1084                   1                 2
AK104                  ???

At example of above, what of bidding partner, pass, play partscore, or game bid 4? Hold of opener 15 point added by 6-9 promised point responder hence its amount around 21-24 point. What is amount of the point up to standard for the bid of game? Insufficient, become at this deal you have to pass bid and enough play partscore in 2.

Opener                   Opener         Responder
AK102                    1                 2
AK43                     ???

What you'd game bid with hold of card as in to the? You have 17 point, and partner promise 6-9 point. If partner only 6 point so total 23 point meaning enough play partscore. But when partner hold 9 point, total 26 point meaning have to game bid. Hereinafter what must be done?

If you find case like this and confuse to determine contract, and so way of your which can make with bid 3. Bid 3 meaning invitational and wish to invite partner for the bid of game if holding point maximum (8/9 point) but when holding minimum of point (6/7) partner may pass bid.

Paying attention example of following:

Opener                Responder          Responder?
AK10                    1NT                   ???
KJ4                 (12-14 HCP)
J9875                  Balance

Bid 3NT. Partner promise 12-14 HCP added by 14 your point hence total 26-28 point, last for game bid.

Opener                Responder          Responder?
AQ9                      1NT                   ???
1084               (12-14 HCP)
Q9875                Balance

Bid Pass, Partner promise 12-14 HCP added by 8 point then total 20-22 insufficient play game.

Opener                Responder          Responder?
AQ9                      1NT                  ???
1084                (12-14 HCP)
K9875                 Balance

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Translated From Magazine Bridge IndonesiaFrom Mini Bridge to Bridge, by. Ir. Iskandar, 10/06

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