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Vulnerable Board in Bridge

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
In game of bridge, its cards to be played have been compiled natty in board. Try you pay attention direction of NS ruddle, while direction of TB white color or on the contrary. Ruddle the board designates the condition of danger condition or vulnerability. In game of bridge there are four kinds of condition of vulnerability :

Board No. 1 : N-S and W-S, nothing vulnerable (None)

Board No. 2 : N-S Vulnerable, E-W None

Board No. 3 : N-S None, E-W Vulnerable

Board No. 4 : N-S and E-W Both Vulnerable (All)

At this article, like seen at pictures above where the condition of Vulnerable (danger) marked with thick letter and under line, and also colour. Its condition of vulnerable marking ruddle letter of N, S, E, and W, while board not vulnerable marked with white suit.

Why board there must be vulnerable and not vulnerable? If in mini bridge, condition of board not has an in with contract but in game of bridge is condition of board will have an effect on in obtaining score, bonus, and contract which is killed (down) :


1. Taking example you sit in N-S and play board of no.2. Condition of board of N-S Vulnerable and of E-W is None. If NS play 4 and obtain 10 tricks hence its score is 30 x 4 + Bonus of Game not Vulnerable = 120 + 500 = 620. If E-W plays 4and gets 10 tricks so its score is 30 x 4 + Bonus of Game Vulnerable: 120 + 300 = 420.

2. Taking example you sit in N-S and play board of no.4. Condition of board all vulnerable, If you play 7 and can collect 13 trick hence its score is: 7 x 30 + 2000 (bonus grand slam vulnerable) = 2210.

3. Taking example opponent which sit in E-W play 7 and only collecting 10 tricks with the meaning contract 7 down three so and you of partner who sit in N-S will get score: 3 x 100 = 300.

From example above earning we conclude that condition of vulnerable and will not influence score to be obtained.

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Translated From Magazine Bridge Indonesia. From Mini Bridge to Bridge, by. Ir. Iskandar, 12/06

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