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Penalty Double and Score Rules

From Mini Bridge to Bridge
1. Penalty Double
In game of Mini Bride, couple owning highest point (above 20 point) will become declarer. While in game of bridge, declarer determined from process of bidding. As for bidding can be done by is fourth player which each other to win contract through auction process.   When both couple in concurrent to compete in fighting over a contract, sometimes contracts the opponent irrational likely again. What having to us does if this matter happened? If trying to pay attention hold hereunder :
West :      AK3       AK1032      A10      J76

You sit in West do opening bid 1, North of pass, East also pass, and direct South bid 4. You surprise? But out for not see to surprise? And of course you enquire “what is it with card in South? With hold card which you have of course you can get 5 tricks (3 Ace and 2 King). Thereby contract 4 will be killed two and you obtain score 200 if board of N-S not Vulnerable.

But enough score 200 to you? Of course not! And you feel have to give penalization of carelessness of opponent so that is other time do not bidding promiscuously as if playing with you. Do there is a way of to give penalty bid improper opponent?

Yes, in bridge rule of the game also provide facility which name Double Penalty. So you can give penalization to bid 4 from South by using penalty double. As complete as the way bidding will see like hereunder:

West      North     East       South
1           Pass     Pass       4
Dbl         Pass      Pass       //

Calculation of score which double and not double:

Thereby if N-S plays 4, danger board and you of double then down two because success you collect 5 tricks and so you obtain score 500.
Let us refer back hold West card, if only you lead A but South void Heart and ruff A to win first trick. Then West play K, you K but again East of void Diamond so that E-W win this trick with K ruff, Finally couple of E-W only obtaining 2 trick so that contract 4+1.

From example of above can comprehend that doing double to opponent contract will yield double score. You’d get double score when contract which you success double aborted but when tired contract or plus, opponent to get double score.

Thereby contract 4 double plus one (4x + 1), NS vulnerable hence its score is.

4 Dbl = (4x30) x 2                 = 240
Bonus game vulnerable            = 500
Insult                                   =   50
Up 1 = 1 x 200 (Vul)               = 200+
4x + 1                                 = 990

We see there is insult premium for the price of 50, matter this means opponent doubt of ability of you in aborting contract which you double. Doubting of ability of you is a worthless and opponent will get insult premium 50.

Let us see other example of:

Contract 2NT double get 9 tricks in a condition innocuous board.
 2NT Dbl = (2x30+10) x 2          = 140
 Bonus of Game innocuous         = 300
 Insult                                    =   50
 Up 1 (1 x 100 is) innocuous       = 100+
 2NTx + 1                                = 590

Like you know when contract 2NT is contract of partscore, but why in example of above 2NT contract this get bonus of game? Yes, initially contract 2NT will only get score 70 but after opponent double, score become twofold (70 x 2=140). So, thereby contract 2NT double its value have more than 100 and of course will get bonus of game. Therefore take a care if doing penalty double to contract of part score because a mistake will cause big loss like example of above. Just conceiving is contract 2NT+1 which only valuable 150 but because in double become 590.

Board not vulnerable, contract 2 and get 8 score tricks is:
2 Dbl + (2x20) x 2             = 80
Bonus Partscore                  = 50
Insult                                = 50+
2 Double + 0                    =180

7NT double with vulnerable board, score is:
7NT Dbl = (7x30=10)              =   440
Bonus Grand Slam (Vul)           = 2000
Insult                                   =     50+
7NTx + 1                               = 2490

2. Redouble
Taking example you sit in South and hold card like following:


          West        North         South             East
           1          Pass           Pass              4
           Dbl.         Pass           Pass             Pass

Wow.....! Card what hold by West so that he does penalty double of contract 4 from South? See hold of you, contract 4 will only fail 2 tricks that are 1 and 1. Thereby contract 4 sure double can reach even can add one trick. Is there any way of to enlarge victory? If your contract penalty doubles by opponent, you or partner can enlarge score by Redouble. Thereby if successes you collect tricks as according to contract which redouble hence score you'd be multiplied four. Despitefully, you'd get 200 for innocuous board and 400 for the board of danger from every addition of trick (up).

           West          North          East       South
            1             Pass           Pass        4
            Dbl.           Pass           Pass      Rdbl.
            Pass          Pass            //

Let us calculate score if you play 4s redouble and get 11 tricks:

4 redouble (4x30) x 4          = 480
Bonus game (Vul)                 = 500
Insult                                 = 100
Up 1: 1x400 (Vul)                 = 400+
4xx + 1                             =1480

Other example:
1NT redouble plus 2, innocuous

1NT redouble (40x4)           = 160
Bonus Game (None)           = 300
Insult : 50x2                     = 100
Up 2 = 2x200                    = 400+
1NTxx + 2                        = 960

Normally contract 1NT, its score only 40 but after redouble, its score multiplied 4 and so160 so that contract 1NT redouble get bonus of game (bargain above 100), Thereby every contract which redouble, its score will be multiplied 4 so also when experiencing of its score down also will be multiplied four.
1.      Vulnerability or danger condition depends on played board number like Board 1: None, Board 2: NS Vulnerable, Board 3: EW Vulnerable, Board 4: Both and so on.
2.      Condition of danger (Vulnerable) influence score to be obtained
3.      To obtain double score, you may do double to opponent contract. But may not do double to your contract or contract of partner 5. Redouble done if opponent conduct double to your contract or partner but when opponent not double hence you cannot redouble.


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Translated From Magazine Bridge IndonesiaFrom Mini Bridge to Bridge, by. Ir. Iskandar, 12/06

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