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The mind of expert

Theory and technique is two term able to be defined separately but is inseparable. Book Text says that game of bridge cover: theory, technique, and logic. You can play a contract better and real correct if have mastered and implementation can be third of the mentioned.

The mind of expert
Various theories are all the same to with mathematics formula in finishing problem. With understanding that way, hence technique the way of playing card by applying theory accompanied logic and which is embraced in a package as according to card combination from two couple. Here come within congeniality of is existence of process analyze in taking conclusion which pursuant to existing data’s.

To comprehend meaning from two term, let us see card distribution example following. At Olympiad year 1996 which executed in Rhodes Island, Indonesia moment deal with Ireland, emerge distribution like following:

Dealer : East                       
Vul : None
Bidding :

    West      North       East        South
                                Pass        Pass
     1           1          1           2
     2           4          4           Pass
     Pass       Dbl         //

Opening lead J, North win with last A continue with K, and Q won by West with A. After winning with A, declarer plays small Spade to last Ace then Heart ruff, to hand with last Spade then Heart ruff again. To this end, declarer has done elementary theory that is using trump for the ruff of card loser. This is theory.
Problem of its technique is as way of to hand to play last ruff. Declarer fined its solution that is by playing K then Club!!! Is not A, This is technique. Following is more complex example, because systematical from some existing choice of its percentage much the same to.

Dealer : East                       
Vulnerable : All
              Bidding :

                      North               South
                       1♣¹                   1♠²
                       1NT                   2
                        2                    2
                        3                    4
                        4                    4
                        4NT                  6          

                       1). Strong
                       2). Three control

Without there trouble of E-W, couple N-S finish to contract 6, passing systematic bidding like following:

Contract 6 representing a very contract either due there are some way of to be able to fulfill the contract that is:
1. Dummy reversal
2. Play twice trump, then try fourthly Spade ruff (if not divided to flatten),on the chance of holding 3 card of trump hold also 4 card of Spade.
3. Simple squeeze in major suit
4. Double squeeze with Club as middle suit.

East open lead with and Q of then continue with Club (!!!), discomfiting squeeze double because link card and of menace at Club suit have broken. Franc fail to fulfill contract 6 because he play trump, then Heart Ace and King, then ruff on the chance of there simple squeeze in major suit or spade suit divided to flatten (3-3). Way of correct to fulfill contract above is reversal dummy that is with club ruff and of Heart twice. Moment asked by Garazzo, which the way of playing best, he answer that systematically the way of which played by Franco or dummy reversal have much the same to opportunity. Which you choose?

Translated from Magazine Bridge Indonesia, Technique and Theory, by FR. Waluyan, 8/06

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