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Percentage of Play 2

This article represents continuation of previous article which study about percentage of play in practice. In this article, we will try to practice previous Lessons in a few distribution examples like third party which represent Try Out to Bermuda Bowl some times ago.

Card distribution:
You              Dummy
AQJ9           762
A4              86             
KJ72           A1082                
J2              KQ54                  

Bidding:      You              Dummy      
 1NT               3NT   

To contract 3NT, opponent start lead by attacking weak colour you that is suit Heart. West of Lead 2 (fourth best) and let East win. East very motivated to abort contact 3NT, he continues by attacking heart suit again. How plan game of you? Let us calculate sure trick which you have that is one spade, two hearts, and three diamonds, or four sure tricks. Thereby you still require five tricks again to sign up 3NT reached.

After opponent do killing lead with heart suit so after you win with A, you may not give opportunity to opponent to do lead because they will abort contract 3NT by obtaining four trick heart, and one trick suit club. Therefore you have to be out for look for additions of trick that is four tricks of diamond and make assumption that K reside in East till can finesse to make one trick of Q.

How do you play diamond suit? Because limitation of information hence matter able to be done that is by exploiting comparison of theory of vacant place from each opponent hand. West hold four cards of heart (place vacant 9), while East hold five cards of heart (place vacant 8). Thereby, West more have opportunity hold Queen Diamond than East. Pursuant to this simple analysis, ways of playing at declare played K next rotation after West follow with small diamond, finesse declarer and succeed and also position of K as according to expectation so contract 3NT finally can fulfill.

Matter which look like happened practice in BBO like following:

Card distribution:
You              Dummy
K1092         A7654
K86            74             
K5              QJ             
AKQ4         J532

Bidding:    You               Dummy
1                  1
3                  4

Opponent starts lead with Q and swiftly can be seen if contract 4 depended how to play trump suit. To be able to know card position of heart on-hand fight against, declarer play K of dummy won by East with A. East returns to play 10 won by West with J. Hereinafter West play 9, East follow small heart, how your plan play this deal? Because limitation of info, you cannot do card distribution explores residing in on-hand fight against. Pursuant to information heart suit, known that West hold five cards of heart while East holds three cards, thereby places vacant slimmer West than East. Equally, East more have opportunity hold to hold longer spade suit than West. Therefore hence next trick played small spade toward King, and in the reality Q residing in West follow to fall, hereinafter rotation following East follow small spade, how do you play spade? Is spade drop or finesse? According to vacant place and or restricted choice, you have to spade finesse to save contract 4 you.

Distributions hereinafter emerge in Kejurda Bridge, Jabar, 2007 ago like hereunder:

You              Dummy
82               AK7
J4               K106          
AK7             108542       
AK9652       104            

Bidding:     You              Dummy
1NT                3NT

West of Lead 3 (fourth best), Dummy small, East win with Q. Hereinafter West play 2, how plan game of you? Same as previous example, where you may not let opponent get the opportunity to do lead because they will abort your contract. You have to combine your opportunity that is diamond suit and club. How to play this deal? If you hope QJ fall (QJ doubleton) wrong is not. Therefore, play small diamond toward Ace. But when both opponents follow small diamond you can change over to club suit. After winning with diamond, to dummy with spade and then play 10 to do twice club finesse (double finesse). East moment follow with small club, expect East hold QJx (xx). If 10 win and West also follow with small club hence as safe as your contract. If that thing happened, you can collect 11 tricks and even 12 tricks with technique of double squeeze. In fact East can force you to have only 11 just trick if first round he 10 over with or Q of J so that declarer performed to go down to dummy with suit spade for the finesse of club again.

Useful hopefully and safe exercise!

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Translate from Magazine Bridge Indonesia, Percentage of Play in Practice, by: Syahrial Ali, 12/07

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