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Learn Bridge Base

Accurate Bidding is successful key in game of bridge. Lock good offer is we how to in evaluating hold of your card correctly, in determining contract direction, generally determined by hold of HCP. But insufficient just HCP, player of bridge require additional data in determining offer direction. Try to see hold of card like following :

AKQ92        AKQ72        1052         

For the bid of game require 26 point from is second hand, but by 18 point like hold of card above, which required from partner is not 8 point (HCP). Even when partner hold 0 point even also, this card distribution have last for game bid. The required is support 3 card of suit Major. Thereby, if just counting HCP is not enough.

Some times ago, Rully which sit in West, holding card distribution like following :

. K98643      2     53    A753

East, opening 1, then West of response 1, East of Rebid 4, Rully know that its him surely strong because is direct of game rebid 4, but because he think that by 7 HCP, have nothing like he able to do, then he is pass. Let us see card of Dummy :

AQ75       106         AKJ86      K6

With hold of partner as in to the, is not difficult to Rully to collect 12 trick, after North of lead Club, its dizzy fact lead any kind of, 12 easy go trick. Most player of bridge thinks that Rully is not wrong because only owning 7 point. What having to him does?

Yes, besides counting HCP, of course there other way out! That Is: Loser Trick Count, later on will be referred by LTC. What is LTC? This Method first time introduced by F. Dudley Courtenay in the year 1935, till in this time, method of LTC used by expert in evaluating hold of moment of bidding. LTC is method which used in evaluating hold pursuant to calculation of loser. Its reference like following

a)   In every suit, counted one loser if do not have Ace, King, or Queen
Example : 109x          = 3 loser
               KJ10          = 2 loser
               J7xxxx       = 3 loser
               AKQxx       = 0 loser
               AQ7          = 1 loser
               AK92         = 1 loser
b)    Void = without loser.
c)    Singleton without Ace = 1 loser. Doubleton without Ace or of King = one loser.
Example; A      = 0 loser
              Kx    = 1 loser
              Q     = 1 loser
              xx    = 2 loser
              AK   = 0 loser
              Qx   = 2 loser
d)    In each suit, at most owning 3 losers.

To count totally of loser of hold both of hand, can be seen at example following :

Distribution    Loser     Distribution        Loser
AJ953           2             AJ9                2
AQ1072        1             AQ10              1
7                 1              7432              3
A2               1             A54                2

Amount of loser = 5  Amount of loser 8.

Hold of card above owning 15 HCP, progressively balance hold of card, more and more amount of loser. In consequence expert have a notion “Strength is important, but shape is everything”.

OK, I can calculate loser, what hereinafter? What its benefit? Method benefit count loser is to determine direction offer of contract! Use LTC like following :

1. Counting loser hold of you and
2. Summing your loser and Partner loser (Total LTC)

Total trick which possible obtained equal to 24 lessened is total LTC. For example come on see day-dream of Rully and his Partner.

Card distribution in West (Rully):

K98643                 2 loser
2                         1 loser
53                        2 loser
A753                    2 loser +
Amount of loser. =   7 loser

Card distribution in East (Opener):

AQ75                   1 loser
106                     2 loser
AKJ86                  1 loser
K6                      1 loser +
Amount of loser =    5 loser

Total LTC = 7 + 5 = 12 loser
Total trick : 24 – 12 = 12 trick

This represent calculation of simple mathematics, amount of trick which possible obtained is 12 tricks, so that Rully ought to slam bid. The way good bidding like following :

  West             East
           1                 1
   4                 4NT  
   5                 6
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Translated from Magazine Bridge Indonesia, Loser Trick Count, by: Ir. Iskandar, 9/06

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